Understand your customers, 

optimize your growth

Lytham Labs helps businesses sell more with marketing automation, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence tools.

Kevy Essential

An eCommerce marketing automation platform that makes it easy to retain and acquire new customers with emails, automations, personalized popups, and insightful reporting.

Send Beautiful, Dynamic Emails

Design with Kevy's Email Builder – perfect both for beginners and experts.

Automate Your Marketing

Pre-built marketing automation. Welcome, re-engage, and follow up.

Personalize Your Popups

Popups shouldn't be intrusive. Target audiences with pinpoint accuracy.

Recommend the Right Products

Deliver recommendations based on customer behavior and  preferences

Kevy Enterprise

Kevy Essential + Artificial Intelligence - data and predictive analytics to segment customers automatically, predict when a customers will convert, and easily launch optimized marketing campaigns.

Segment Customers

 Automatically profile and segment contacts based on behavior data.

Predict Your Next Sale

Predict how likely a contact is to convert. Increase likelihood of purchase with recommended strategies.

Optimize Campaigns

Launch optimized campaigns that automatically adjust to maximize engagement and conversion.

Don Pottinger

Founder and CEO

Full-stack Software Developer and Entrepreneur - SaaS-enthusiast currently focusing on the intersection between marketing automation and machine learning.

Felipe Castrillon, PhD

Data Science Advisor

Over six years of experience solving real-world problems using data analytics, statistical modeling, machine learning and simulation. Expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and urban traffic dynamics problems.


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